Cordwood House Foundation: A Simple Guide

Building a cordwood house is a captivating blend of art and engineering. At the core of this unique home style lies the foundation, which holds the entire structure in place. Let’s delve into the essentials of a cordwood house foundation.

What is a Cordwood House?

Before diving into the foundation, let’s briefly touch upon what a cordwood house is. It’s a type of dwelling made by stacking pieces of wood (often logs) within a mix of mortar, resulting in thick, insulating walls.

Why the Foundation Matters

The foundation for any building is pivotal. It offers stability, ensuring the house remains upright and lasts for generations. For cordwood houses, the foundation needs special attention since the walls are quite heavy.

Types of Foundations for Cordwood Houses

  • Slab-on-Grade Foundation: This is a single layer of concrete, suitable for areas with a stable underlying soil structure. It’s relatively simpler and faster to install.
  • Pier Foundation: Think of this as stilts for your house. Piers, made of concrete or stone, elevate the home, making it ideal for uneven terrains or areas prone to flooding.
  • Full Basement: This is an excavated foundation, usually 7-8 feet deep, providing an additional level beneath the main floor. It’s beneficial for storage or even as an extra living space.

Selecting the Right Foundation

While all the mentioned foundations are solid options, the right one for your cordwood house depends on several factors:

  1. Soil Type: Some soils are more stable and can support heavier structures, while others, like clay, might shift over time.
  2. Climate: In colder regions, you’ll need to ensure the foundation is below the frost line to prevent heaving.
  3. Budget: Understandably, some foundation types are more expensive than others.

Expert Tip: Drainage is Key

Regardless of your foundation choice, ensure proper drainage. A well-drained foundation prevents moisture issues, which can be detrimental to both the longevity and the safety of the cordwood house.

Engage with Us

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By creating a solid foundation, you ensure your cordwood house stands the test of time. It’s not merely about laying down some concrete or stones; it’s about providing a stable base for a home that’s both unique in design and rich in history. As always, when in doubt, seek expert advice to guarantee a foundation that’s robust and resilient.